October 2019


''Who says that God exists at all?'' was the question that one participant asked on the 30th of October 2019 on the Socrates Cafe in Tuzla about the topic: ''What is a Gender of God?'' that was facilitated by Azra Imširović.
The participants thought that before all there must be enquired the existence of God in general and that the difference between sex and gender must be acknowledged to the many, and then finally we could examine why has God been shown in masculine gender. 
They all have agreed that God is shown in masculine gender in all religions and that the main problem is not in that fact but in giving less value to the women by that representation.

The participants asked 'would a woman have the same value if we speak of God in feminine gender' so the opinions were divided. 
One of the female participants said that she does not see the appropriate reason to put god and gender in the same sentence.  
No matter that opinions, sayings, thoughts were different after the process of enquiry, they all together concluded that the point is exactly in that everyone must accept the Other and the Different without prejudice and fault - finding.