October 2019


On the 16th of October, 2019 there was the first Socrates Cafe held in Tuzla in the Coffee Zone about the theme "I know that I know nothing". The cafe was facilitated by Sead Fetahagić. The attendees questioned what we generally could know for sure. Considering that knowledge is constantly being upgraded, we cannot be sure that what we know today will be relevant in a few years.
During the questioning, a discussion arose about who is judging if somebody know something and whether he or she is entitled to do it at all.

The participants also touched the "unnecessary" knowledge that we can access through social networks and media.
In the end, it was concluded that many people do not want to admit that they do not know because of ego and vanity, and those who least know actually decide the important things.
"No one can know everything about everything, but we need to learn every day," is the sentence with which this Socrates coffee was over.