October 2019


On 10th October 2019 was held the Socrates Cafe in Kamerni Teatar 55 in Sarajevo. In this honour, Haris Cerić, professor from the Faculty of Political Sciences sang and played the famous song from Beatles - ''Yesterday'' and by this way opened the Cafe.
The topic was ''I know that I know nothing'' and was facilitated by Elmana Cerić who is professor of Philosophy. The participants were university and high school students and those who have graduated but stil enjoy philosophy.

The participants were inquiring who has the right to decide what is truth. They got answers by consulting their own experience but so with the scientific facts. By inquiring, they came to the cognition that firstly we must get aware of the ignorance, that there are general differences in comprehending truth as well as the truth that we are not willing to hear.
Also, everyone was inquiring scientific truths that are not fixed and whose point is predominant.
Everyone agreed that suspicion for the truth brings progress.