August 2019


''I am a pedagogue, not a magician'' was the message of teaching assistant Đenita Tuce for the participants of the Second Pedagogy Summer School that was held from 30.8. to 1.9.2019 in Sarajevo for the pedagogues and teachers from three Cantons: Herzegovina-Neretva, Central Bosnia and Sarajevo, as a part of ''Peer and Gender Based Violence'' Project. There are too many challenges but only through common effort of the teachers and pedagogues, parents and children we can find solutions for the violence rising problem in BiH as well as in the world.
In this Summer School, the participants learnt about the Marriage and Family In a Sense of Modernity Challenges. Together with teaching professor Asim Peco and due the accordance with which the participants are facing the boundaries, they figured out the recommendations by which the marriage and the family will be more efficiently faced in the schools and which can be addressed to the Government's Officials that are deciding those questions. Some of those recommendations are: Control and supervision of media's content, promotion of true values via media, restoration of the value system (education of children and parents). Andreja Pehar shared her knowledge and experience with the participants about how to raise for the emotional maturity and she pointed out how it is important to frequently ask a pupil how does she/he feel?
Responsible parenthood, behavioural styles of the youth, and how to bear with ''difficult'' parents is a field that pedagogues of the Summer School payed attention, so teaching assistant Đenita Tuce shared her knowledge and experience to them. Especially she stressed the proverb: ''You are important because you exist.'', as the message that must be frequently said to the child.

Who am I? - it is the question above all questions. Through the field of social construction of gender identities, relationships and emotions in contemporary narrations, teaching assistant Merima Jašarević helped the participants to answer to this question.
The last day of the Summer School was dedicated to the marriage and family in the Jewish, Catholic and Muslim family. Lecturers were Elma Softić Kaunitz, dr Sanda Smoljo and Nermina Baljević. Family is very important in all of three religious traditions interpreted as an important foundation of every society because it educates a man through the primal socialization. The lecturers pointed out the importance of using the religious resources, responsible parenthood, dedication, love, attention to whom are obliged both women and men. The main problem is that the young are not being prepared for those roles as well as knowledge and skills are omitted and exclusively the responsibility toward the child nurture obligations.