August 2019


Dialogue, peace and understanding are being founded in a way of strenghtening our intercultural and interreligious competencies, what actually was the subject of the first two-days training for professors. On 17, 18, 19 and 20 of August 2019, TPO Foundation has organized the training as a part of EMIL (Empowerment of Multireligious and Intercultural Learning) programme about strenghtening the intercultural teaching competencies in coordination with the Ministries of education, science, culture and sport of 5 cantons: Herzegovina – Neretva, Central Bosnia, Tuzla, Zenica – Doboj and Sarajevo that suggested those professors. Professors from those cantons were the attendants of the training.

The coach persons were experienced coaches Ana Marija and Otto Raffai.
The training topics were challenging approaches of teaching students taboo topics such as homosexuality, a choice to make between The Culture of Religion or Catechism, such as the place for prayer being a part of public institution question and what are the consequences of that, such as the questions of teaching one (Muslim) group of children to other (Catholic) topics and on.
The very big part of the training the coaches insisted on showing the attendants the fact that no matter what you say it represents your own system of value and it says a lot about yourself.