July 2019

THE BOOK LAUNCH "Bosnian Labyrinth: culture, gender and
leadership" is held in hotel bristol

The book launch was held in Sarajevo on july 01, 2019 in the hotel Bristol to promote the book The Bosnian Labyrinth: Culture, Gender and Leadership, edited by professor Zilka Spahić Šiljak who is also an author of the book together with co-authors: Suada Penava and Jasna Kovačević. The book is based on the three-year long research conducted with leaders in politics and business in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Professor Melika Husić-Mehmedović from the School of Economics in Sarajevo, Mrs. Dženita Zirdum, president of the Regional Associations of business women and  psychologist Srđan Puhalo.

"Women are more ready to take risk in business and politics than men", was one of the unexpected results of the research as Zilka Spahić Šiljak explained. The book launch was enriched with prominent female leaders in politics and business who shared their successes and obstacles in their own labyrinth of leadership aiming to motivate other women to leadership.
Mrs. Amra Hašimbegović moderated the book launch and concluded it with the advices for women and men to read the book in order to become aware of the obstacles women face in the labyrinth of leadership.
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