May 2019

BOOK LAUNCH "Living Presence: Sufi Path to Mindfulness"

The book launch: "Living Presence: Sufi Path to Mindfulness" by Kabir Edmund Helminski take place 5/5/2019 in hotel Bosnia - Sarajevo.
''There is no religion such as religion of Love'', the author of the book Living Presence: Sufi Path to Mindfulness Kabir Edmund Helminski quoted great poet Jalal al-Din al-Rumi.
On the book launch night, in the overcrowded Hotel Bosnia saloon, Kabir Helminski explained what is ego and the fact that in the religion of Love ego is not 'killed' but transformed into a slave of the heart.
Promoters of the book were dr Amra Delić and Shaikh Sead Halilagić. Moderator was Amra Pandžo. work a day in your life.''