April 2019


Symposium "Remembrance, Trauma and Experiential Learning" will be organised at the University of Turku, Finland,  from 27 May until 29 May 2019. The main aim of Symposium is to present the activities that were implemented by members of Consortium of the international project Again Never Again – Teaching Trauma and Transmission through Experiential Learning (Europe for Citizens Program), among which is TPO Foundation.
TPO Foundation as an active member of Project Consortium organised interactive workshop with teachers and pedagogues from Mostar with the main aim of stimulating their active involvment in early recognition of transgenerational transmission of trauma and intolerance as factors that can hinder teaching process. During Symposium, Alma Jeftic will present activities implemented within the workshop titled: "Are You Listening to Me? Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma and Remembrance: Empathy and Experiential Learning as Challenges of Teaching Process". The major aim of that Workshop was to empower teachers and pedagogues from Mostar and help them recognize everyday problems in school and teaching process that result from transgenerational transmission of trauma, stereotypes, prejudice and methods to overcome them.
In addition to the members of the Consortium, during the Symposium, their research will be presented by researchers who are engaged in the transgenerational transmission of trauma and the role of experiential learning in their work.

Detailed Programmee of Symposium can be found at this link: