March 2019


''Our greatest enemy is the fear that holds us back in many ways and disables our quest for the inner treasure." Coachwoman Amra Delić held the second "NIRA Leaders" personal development training on 30 and 31 March 2019. Women from the ZADA association from Zenica spent the weekend at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zenica by learning about (self) control, dealing with fear, (self) motivation, searching for identity, facing trauma and stress, personal, interpersonal and presentation skills. Women of different ages, profiles, occupations, conducted the majority of the training workshops by discussing, in dialogue,  exchange of experiences and perspectives about obstacles and barriers with which BH woman faces everyday. Participants learned about using mental techniques and readiness for lifelong learning process, work on themselves, and self-thinking.

In coordination with the trainer, they elaborated in detail the theoretical models of stress by Lazarus, problem-solving and active strategy techniques, learned to express the word STOP and how to control the situation, faced with everyday thinking in extremes and thinking "all or nothing ''. The trainer explained to the participants that stress stems from the way we perceive the situation and has led the diary writing workshop for cycle: thinking - behavior - emotion and stress diary writing workshop. In addition to the many workshops and the theory put into practice, the participants considered the training as necessary and as one of the very high importance for our society. In the end, we relaxed with laughter Yoga.