December 2018


The Project Again Never Again - Teaching Transmission of Trauma and Remembrance through Experiential Learning (Europe for Citizens Program of the European Commission) aims to develop a multidisciplinary approach to transgenerational transmission of trauma and its negative impact on the future of Europe. TPO Foundation, as an active member of the project consortium, implemented an interactive workshop with teachers and pedagogues from the Mostar area in order to stimulate their active participation in early recognition of transgenerational transmission of trauma as well as intolerance as factors that can disrupt the teaching process.
The workshop was conducted by Alma Jeftić, PhD candidate in psychology from the University of Belgrade and researcher at the University of Graz. During the workshop, the emphasis was on developing active listening and empathy, as well as providing additional skills to teachers and pedagogues / psychologists who could later apply those ideas in their work (such as experiential learning which implies practical work, the introduction of interactive games, workshops and debates in the teaching process and visiting museums / libraries and the like).

The short-term goal is to empower a group of 40 teachers and pedagogues / psychologists from Mostar who will begin to apply methods and techniques of experiential learning in their work. The long-term goal is that teachers further improve and transfer these techniques not only to their students, but also to their colleagues, teachers and pedagogues / psychologists, who will continue to adopt and apply them. Also, the goal is to break away from the usual, in-class teaching process and open the door to the new methods and techniques, such as simulating real problems and finding creative solutions for them, analyzing different experiences through art and history, encouraging students to use different methods in preparing tasks ( film, drama, dance, drawing, poetry and the like).
The same project is being implemented in eight European countries whose representatives will present the activities during the international symposium at the University of Turku in Finland by the end of May 2019, when an online platform for experiential learning will be formally launched with various examples, suggestions and packages of exercises and interactive games available to all teachers around the world.