December 2018



In OŠ Antuna Branka Šimića Mostar, on December 7, 2018, Anđela Džidić, the school pedagogue, realized three workshops with 17 students on the topics of peer and gender-based violence. In OŠ Blagaj, educational workshops were organized for students from the fourth and sixth grade. On December 10, 2018, on the Human Rights Day, students prepared a presentation on human rights for their peers. In OŠ Gnojnice students participated in several workshops led by their homeroom teachers: Adisa Ramić, Ajla Husić, Asija Hanić, Alema Fazlić, Adisa Rahimić  and Đenita Šemić. 136 students were present at these workshops. The students put up on school pin boards useful information about gender equality, prevention of violence and discrimination. The final activity for the 16 Days of Activism was "A ship game" workshop with student council members on the Human Rights Day. The activities were coordinated by Alenka Čolaković-Avdić.

In OŠ "Ivana Gundulića" Mostar, a workshop entitled "Gender stereotypes" was held on November 23, 2018. The workshop was led by Nikolina Stojić and Mirela Škutor. Twenty students from the third to ninth grade participated in this workshop. In OŠ Ilići Mostar, 9th-grade students participated in a workshop on sex and gender differences, gender roles and stereotypes that arise through internalization of gender roles. In OŠ Ilije Jakovljevića Mostar, a dozen of different activities were organized: discussions, drawing comics, workshops, debates and writing of literary works on the topic of gender roles. In IV osnovna škola Mostar, fourth-grade teachers organized a workshop entitled  "Stop mocking me" for their students where they discussed peer violence and its consequences. From November 25 to December 07, 2018, in OŠ Mustafa Ejubović – Šejh Jujo, Halima Razić, the school pedagogue held many workshops for over 150 students of this school.