December 2018

the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Zenica
participated in 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM


This year, the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Zenica participated in a series of activities that aimed to examine topics such as the fight for human rights, thus continuing their tradition of participating in dialogue regarding important social issues. In cooperation with the TPO Foundation from Sarajevo, as part of the campaign "16 days of activism," they conducted an educational workshop for 4th year students of the Department of Cultural Studies. The participants were divided into sections for the purpose of discussion and group activities.
The workshops consisted of three parts. In the first part, the moderator held an introductory lecture on the subject of gender-based and peer violence, with an emphasis on environments where primary and secondary socialization take place.

In the second part, students wrote down traits they considered characteristic for men and women respectively on flip charts, after which they discussed their reasoning regarding the assignment of each trait to its category. In the third part, the students looked at content from the initiative "Bauk Feminauk," after which they discussed the harmfulness of stereotypes, as well as examples of discrimination in the public and private spheres. The workshop ended with the students concluding that categorizing human traits on "male" and "female" has no biological or social basis, and that all gender identities are the result of negotiations between different levels and processes of socialization.