November 2018

16 Days of Actvism Campaign in Medical High
School "Jezero" - Sarajevo


The Campaign 16 Days of Activism can be focused on tolerance and non-violence what was demonstrated by the students of Medical High School Jezero. Student Council suggested and two great teachers, Vildana Brulić-Šipilović i Belma Mehanić-Kapo facilitated activities of students who were supposed to select quotes from great philosophers, authors, peacebuilders and other who contributed to the humankind with their work, on the theme of tolerance and non-violence.

Those quotes were read in each classroom. Students made a wall of tolerance and non-violence from these quotes with the aim to remind all students on tolerance every day. Besides that, students they designed the calendar for 2019. The main goal was to remind students every day on the life values and importance of personal development, which is possible if they use great people from the past as their mirrors to help them to become better human beings.