October 2018


"Ujedinjeni u različitosti" (United in Diversity),
Amra Dizdarević and Edisa Bečić, MSŠ Gračanica, Gračanica

On October 29, 2018, in Sarajevo, the Etos Inicijativa (Ethos Initiative) program celebrated five years of successful work with the "Etos Inicijativa" conference. To mark the occasion, TPO Foundation announced a public call for artwork submissions from all students of elementary and secondary B&H schools that have been participating in the "Etos Inicijativa" educational programs. The call, titled "Living Values," required participants to creatively express their own reflections on human values. Every society creates its values, ​​and yet many present-day societies have not reached universal values, ​​such as the right to life and preservation of every individual's dignity, freedom, equality, social justice and others, have not yet been reached by a large number of societies today. A global society also needs global ethical values, as Hans Kung pointed out long ago. Along with the promoting universal values ​​for the global world, it is important not to forget one's local community, school, and family, because these are the environments in which values are built and lived. As responsible citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina it is important that we all actively participate in creating and promoting values ​​and promote participatory learning and inclusion. Through this public call, we asked children and young people, "What is the concept of LIVING VALUE, what values ​​we are living today, and how much are these values ​​devalued and abused?" What are the ways we can preserve and expand universal values ​​in our own communities?
"Living Values", received a total of 74 submissions, 54 of which were from primary school students and 20 of which were from secondary school students.
After the Jury reached an agreement on the following criteria:
• Does the format of the work follow the contest guidelines?
• Is the idea original and authentic?
• Is the the work thematically appropriate?
• Artistic elements of work
• The clarity of presentation
• Overall impression of work
- the following students received awards by unanimous decision:

Prize-winning works in the elementary school category:
1. "Svjetski etos je u nama" (World ethos is in us), Group of authors (Children's Rights Section), Husino Elementary School, Tuzla
2. "Djeca voljenom gradu" (Children to a beloved city), Ajdin Redžić, First Elementary School, Bosanska Krupa

3. "Prije i sada" (Before and Now), Doris Martinović and Nina Vidović, Catholic School Center, Petar Barbarić, Travnik

Special prize:
• "Moje životne vrijednosti" (My Life Values), Viktoria Sokolović, Elementary School Osman Nakaš, Sarajevo

Prize-winning works in the secondary school category:
1. "Ujedinjeni u različitosti" (United in Diversity), Amra Dizdarević and Edisa Bečić, MSŠ Gračanica, Gračanica
2. "Ohrabri se, živi vrijednosti" (Encourage yourself, live values), Josip Mikolić, ŠC Fra Martina Nedića, Orašje
3. "U svemu imaš znak!" (You have a sign in everything), Lejla Eminovic, Stolc SŠ, Stolac

Special prize:
• "Izaberimo ono što ne možemo kupiti" (Choose what we cannot buy), Ajla Emkić, Srednja medicinska škola Jezero, Sarajevo

The jury also unanimously selected the following works for the exhibition:
1. "Ljubav, obrazovanje, porodica, prijateljstvo", (Love, education, family, friendship), Emin Kahrić, primary school Turbe, Travnik
2. "Prebojeno zlo" (Painted evil), Katarina Lovrić and Sara Kelava, KŠC Petar Barbarić, Travnik
3. "Bol"(Pain), Muris Lavic, Secondary Medical School Jezero, Sarajevo
4. "Životne vrijednosti" (Life values), Amina Mahmutović, Primary Elementary School Banovići, Banovići
5. "Inkluzija – djeca sa posebnim potrebama" (Inclusion - children with special needs), Dalila Velagić and Samela Jugo, Second elementary school Hrasnica, Sarajevo
6. "Ujedinjena ljubav kao najbitnija vrijednost života" (United love as the most important value of life), Adna Sunje, Elementary School "Bijelo Polje", Potoci, Mostar
7. "Heroji" (Heroes), Selma Omerika, Gymnasium Mostar
8. "Komunikacija"(Communication), Marta Ružić, Catholic School Center Petar Barbarić, Travnik

THE EXPLANATION OF THE of the jury's decision


"Svjetski etos je u nama" (World ethos is in us),
Group of authors (Children's Rights Section), Husino Elementary School, Tuzla