September 2018

Workshop on Transgenerational Trauma

The #NeverAgain project aims to address the concealed hatreds, prejudices and normalized oppression that are learnt through the unhealed and transmitted traumas perpetuated in our everyday lives through seemingly harmless everyday practices. The project partners from Finland, Denmark, Romania, Germany, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lithuania, Poland, Italy will together with students develop and deliver 4 clusters of local events with their communities to test experiential learning tools (ELT) in order to experience the harmful effect of transmitted collective traumas and how they impact the continuation of hatreds and vengeance today. Events will bring together around 200 students and additional 200-300 community members and invited audiences and influence numerous other individuals by using event hashtags on the social media.

The processes and outcomes will be presented at the final event "#NeverAgain: Teaching Transmission of Trauma and Remembrance through Experiential Learning", a workshop-based conference, where we aim to attract between 50-100 professionals and young people from across Europe, from a variety of disciplines and fields of work: from universities, NGOs, public bodies like museums and memorial houses, community workers and individuals. In the dissemination phase, we plan to develop and launch a transnational blended educational platform, combining different in-class experiential group methods and individual online webinars/videogames to be disseminated among teachers of all fields tackling with collective memory but also educators from the non-governmental sector and other public bodies.