August 2018

"0% Tolerance for Violence in Schools" Conference Held in Mostar

The aim of "0% tolerance for violence in schools" which was held in Mostar on August 29, 2018 in partnership with TPO Foundation, Snaga mladih, Altruist, Genesis project, Youth Power and others was to present the results of cooperative work on peer and gender-based violence in HNC schools. TPO Foundation organizes activities on preventing different types of violence, which occur in and out of schools. Pedagogues, teachers, students and parents participate in those activities. With the motto "Children are our mirror image", a series of activities was held in over 30 schools in three cantons, which involved over 2000 people. TPO Foundation's exceptional contribution is reflected in the successful cooperation with universities in Mostar and Sarajevo aimed at including topics of gender-based violence in curricula for future teachers.