February 2018


After the success of the first world ethos workshop for primary schools in Central Bosnia Canton, the second workshop was held this weekend (February 24 and 25, 2018) in Vitez. Universal life values which are the foundational concept of world ethos need to be integrated into all educational structures.
Izet Numanovic, M.Sc., and Amela Petricevic, a team from Tuzla, presented to all seminar participants the goal, basic concepts as well as the importance of integrating this project into educational processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to the previously established cooperation with the Riyasat of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Catechetical Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this was a quality seminar, additionally enriched by guest lecturers Nezir Halilovic, Ph.D., and D. Anto Ledic, Ph.D., who spoke about the basic foundations of world ethos in monotheistic religions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  By implementing SE workshops for primary schools, teacher attendees were able to see potentials and importance of world ethos and to learn about some of the interactive methodologies in educating children and young people.

While participating in the workshop, teachers had an opportunity to do and prepare teacher-observation classes for different topics such as: Humanity as the basic call for every human being, Possibilities of creating classroom and school ethos, Culture of tolerance and truthfulness etc.
After meeting, working and conversing for two days, all attendees received not only certificates but also a significant number of publications and didactic material for themselves and their school colleagues. In the final part, participants shared the challenges they are currently facing and which pose questions they were not able to answer until now: living together, humanity, universal human values, involvement of religious communities on a micro  and macro level, influence of politics aimed at diving people, false interpretation of religions by clerics which society accepts without question – those are just some of the topics in a sea of challenges we had the opportunity to discuss for the past few days. In the end, the participants rated the Ethos Initiative as positive because it contributes to better life possibilities, and they spoke particularly about publications which they received by stating how they would help them in the future, and how they can find some of the answers to the topics that represent life challenges to them.