February 2018


Led by belief that fundamental concepts of global ethic should be integrated in all educational structures and after successful cooperation with Pedagogical Institutes and Ministries of Education, Science, Culture and Sport in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica and Mostar and implemented workshops for more than six hundred primary and high school teachers and professors TPO Foundation managed to ensure resources and conditions for the new phase of project GLOBAL ETHIC AT SCHOOL. Due to that, the first workshop of Global Ethic at School for primary schools in Vitez (Central Bosnia Canton) was organised last weekend (February 17-18, 2018).
The TPO Foundation team from Tuzla – Izet Numanovic and Amela Ptricevic presented the project of global ethic to the teachers and its importance in promotion and living of universal values. Thanks to the established cooperation with Islamic community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Catechetical office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, guest lecturers Dr. Nezir Halilovic and Dr. Anto Ledic contributed further to the quality of this seminar by presenting the basic foundations of the global ethics in the monotheistic religions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On this Global Ethic workshop teachers were introduced to the potentials and significance of global ethic and learned about some interactive teaching methodologies. Teachers also had an opportunity to prepare classes on various themes such as Humanity as Fundamental Vocation of Every Man, Possibilities of Making Class and School Ethos, Culture of Tolerance and Truth etc.
In the end of two-day socialising, work and conversation teachers received certificates, large number of useful publications and didactic materials for their own needs and their school collectives.