January 2018


Stressors, techniques and strategies for facing, preventing and reducing stress were the topic at third stress management seminar in Vitez, held on January 5, 2018. Stress management seminars were created as part of a three-year project "Peer- and gender-based violence" in cooperation with education ministries of Central Bosnia, Sarajevo and Herzegovina-Neretva cantons as well as with the support from the Norwegian government, and they are organized in thirty primary schools. In Central Hotel in Vitez, one-day seminar was attended by pedagogues, psychologists as well as speech therapists and defectologists from ten partner schools in Central Bosnia Canton. Seminar participants had an opportunity to expand their knowledge on the subject and to share their experiences gained through the last year's first cycle of three-day seminars. By continuing these seminars, pedagogues and other experts working with children become more equipped to face stress and its consequences more easily and efficiently as well as to share the knowledge they gained at these seminars with the rest of staff at their schools in order to integrate stress management into curriculums that include cooperation with children and parents. The seminar was led by Amra Delić, a neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist.      
Through participatory exercises which require participants' active involvement, attendees had an opportunity to learn about people's emotions and reactions in stressful situations and to suggest their solutions for stressful situations. After Amra Delić's lecture, the attendees highlighted the need to talk more about assertiveness and to learn about it because assertiveness is key in facing stress effectively and dealing with stress consequences. Effective methods for facing stress imply continual self-growth especially regarding assertiveness, a skill that enables us to fight for our rights, which guarantees that our opinion and feelings will be taken into consideration without infringing upon others' rights.

The seminar attendees were also given copies of "Peer- and gender-based violence prevention: Increasing partnership between teachers and parents", a manual published as part of the project "Peer- and gender-based violence". Stress management activities planned for 2018 will continue on January 8, 2018 in Mostar where we expect teachers from ten partner schools at trainings of Meditative relaxation.