January 2018


What we know about stress, do we successfully apply techniques of recognizing and controlling stress, and how long should we learn about and work on new strategies which will help reduce stress and stress consequences? These were the questions for pedagogues and psychologists from ten primary schools in Sarajevo Canton at the second stress management seminar, organized by TPO Foundation on January 4, 2018 in cooperation with Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Education, Science and Youth, supported by Norwegian government. As part of a three-year project "Peer and gender-based violence", TPO Foundation organized the second cycle of seminars created primarily for pedagogues and psychologists from thirty partner primary schools in Sarajevo, Herzegovina-Neretva and Central Bosnia cantons. The seminar was created and led by psychologist Amra Delić, while ten participants in Sarajevo had the chance to take part in many participatory exercises and lectures by Mrs Delić intended for advancing personal competences to successfully prevent and reduce all types of stress. The aim of additional seminars in stress management is to further educate and empower teachers so that they can easily deal with stress and its consequences, as well as to share knowledge with the rest of staff at their central schools.  

New techniques and strategies for recognizing and controlling stress and its consequences were presented at a one-day seminar in stress management organized by TPO Foundation in Saraj Hotel in Sarajevo. Guided by the idea that learning about stress requires working on personal characteristics and competencies, ten participants had the chance to exchange previous experiences in preventing and reducing stressors and applying acquired knowledge on stress recognition which the participants gained a year ago at the first cycle of stress management seminars. Through participatory exercises, participants learned about different stressful situations and suggested their solutions for alleviating stress consequences through group work.
With Amra Delić who moderated the seminar, Melika Šahinović, a TPO project coordinator, spoke about project activities which were successfully undertaken in the first year of three-year project and announced new and upcoming activities. The next one-day anti-stress seminar is going to be held on Friday in Vitez when TPO Foundation team will work with pedagogues and psychologists from Central Bosnia Canton in partnership with Central Bosnia Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.