November 2017


Within the framework of the program "Gender-Based Violence - GBV" and with the aim of psychosocial strengthening of mothers of children suffering from paralysis and hydrocephalus, the TPO Foundation successfully implemented the second of the planned three workshops of parenting workshops called "Being a good enough parent". On November 11, 2017, a workshop for fifteen mothers of Association "Dlan" in Zenica, which works in the interest of all ill people, including the families of the ill children, children and adults. The workshop was run by a psychotherapist, Nermina Vehabovic-Rudez.
Insufficient awareness of the society and the competent institutions for the care and needs of families of ill children, and especially mothers who often neglect their life needs by putting on the lifelong disposition of the needs of an ill child, TPO Foundation has been working for years to promote equality in gaining equal opportunities and rights for care and better quality of life of ill children and their families.

In most cases in BH communities, mothers are the key persons in the care of children with special needs, and due to overload of stress every day they face, they often get ill themselves. The second workshop of psychosocial character was aimed at strengthening personal strengths and protective factors in the fight against daily stressors. Particular importance was given to talking and learning about gender-based violence as one of the most common forms of violence in marginalized groups of women. Participants had the opportunity to learn through participatory exercises about the importance and needs for additional methods of prevention and reduction of various forms of gender-based violence, which they said were all exposed, both in their family and in stereotyped society. Fifteen participants expressed satisfaction and gratitude on the methods provided for work in dealing with stress and its reduction.