November 2017

THE fifTH TRAINING FOR TEACHERS IN CENTRAL BOSNIA CANTON: "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents"

Within the three-year educational program, CHILDREN ARE OUR MIRROR: Prevention of peer-based and gender-based violence in B&H schools successfully implemented by the TPO Foundation in cooperation with the ministries of education of SC, HNC and CBC, in Bugojno on November 7, 2017. the fifth and last one-day training for 12 teachers was held in order to strengthen the competences of teachers in the area of ​​successful communication and individual cooperation between teachers and parents of the Central Bosnia Canton. The trainers were Šejla Džanan and Snježana Petraš while the teachers and teachers from the primary school "Uskoplje" from Uskoplje and "Prva osnovna škola" from Bugojno attended the training. The training discussed the ways of holding a parental meeting in schools and methods of successful cooperation with parents. The teachers stressed the need to make a clear distinction between the parents' meeting and grade-information meeting, since most parents avoid parental meetings due to poor methods by some teachers who directly present personal information of a child who has a problem with governing, inadequate behavior at school, etc. to parents at parental meetings.

In addition, they pointed out that those teachers and parents often shift responsibility from one to another, which very often prevented successful work with children. Education of teachers included in the training helped them in facing and resolving problems of communication between school and parents.