October 2017

THE FOURTH TRAINING FOR TEACHERS IN CENTRAL BOSNIA CANTON: "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents"

Within the three-year educational program CHILDREN ARE OUR MIRROR: Prevention of peer-based and gender-based violence in B&H schools that the TPO Foundation successfully realized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of HNC, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth SC and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports CBC and thirty partner primary schools, in Bugojno on November 2, 2017 the fourth one-day training for 12 teachers was held in order to strengthen the competencies in the area of ​​successful communication and individual cooperation between teachers and parents of the Central Bosnia Canton. The trainers were Snježana Petraš and Šejla Džanan, while teachers from the elementary school "Berta Kučer" from Jajce and "Third elementary school" from Bugojno attended the training. Teachers expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to attend education based on theoretical and practical upgrading. Some teachers have never encountered peer violence in school, so practical examples of simulation of peer violence are certainly a new experience, since many of them did not manage to adequately respond in violence.

In the end, they declared that it is of paramount importance to be addressed in all the situations that occur in school, especially when it comes to peer violence and the education and readiness of teaching staff is the basis for an adequate response and successful prevention. In addition to this, successful communication and cooperation with parents is the second most important factor that affects the prevention of peer violence in schools.