October 2017

THE THIRD ONE-DAY TRAINING FOR TEACHERS IN CENTRAL BOSNIA CANTON: "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents"

In Vitez on October 31, 2017, third one-day training for teachers was held within the three-year educational program CHILDREN ARE OUR MIRROR: Prevention of peer and gender-based violence in B&H schools. TPO Foundation successfully realizes this project in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Croatian National Theater, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth CS and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports CBC. The training was held for 18 teachers in order to strengthen competencies in the area of successful communication and individual cooperation between teachers and parents of the Central Bosnia Canton. Teachers who attended the training came from Primary School "Travnik" in Travnik, Elementary School "Kacuni" from Kacuni and Elementary School "Ivan Goran Kovačić" from Fojnica.
During the one-day training, teachers talked about possible forms of peer violence in schools, and in this way they were further educated in order to be prepared and have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge in case of the eventual creation of peer violence. After that, teachers have shared personal experience in the past on various situations related to peer violence in school. The participants of the training agreed that the commitment of teachers is immeasurably important in the development and improvement of successful cooperation with children. However, they pointed out that they encounter a problem with parents who have unlimited trust in their children, and less confidence in teaching staff.

Also, one of the problems is poor or insufficient communication among teaching staff, which directly affects work with children. The third problem encountered is the use of private parents' knowledge with school administration, which directly threatens the education system and thus represents one of the options that facilitates peer violence in school. In addition to the identified problems that contribute to the emergence of peer violence, there were also positive practices that could be the prevention of the emergence of peer violence. One of them is to involve parents in problematic departments, since cooperation with parents is of paramount importance. Parents have so far expressed their willingness to participate in extracurricular activities in most schools, which is evidence of positive practice.