October 2017

THE SECOND ONE-DAY TRAINING FOR TEACHERS IN CENTRAL BOSNIA CANTON: "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents"

Within the framework of the three-year educational, program CHILDREN ARE OUR MIRROR: Prevention of peer-based and gender-based violence in B & H schools, TPO Foundation successfully organizes one-day trainings in cooperation with the three ministries of education of FBiH. In Vitez on October 26, 2017, the second one-day training for 12 teachers from primary schools "Nova Bila" and "Travnik" was held with an aim to strengthen competences in the field of successful communication and individual cooperation of teachers and parents of the Central Bosnia Canton. The training was led by Šejla Džanan, a pedagogue from the Third Primary School Jaklić in Bugojno, a social science teacher in the field of school management, and Snježana Petraš, a school pedagogue and psychologist at the Nova Bila Primary School in Nova Bila.
The participants in the training expressed interest in organizing regular teacher education as a way to overcome their own stereotypes and prejudices for the purpose of better acceptance and working with different children, especially with children with certain difficulties and who, because of a non-functional complete system, convicted to "failure" in further development and advancement.
In the development of every child, special role has education, awareness and the way teachers work. The competences of teachers are necessary in solving and combating peer violence in schools.

Problems have been noted in relation to administration and teaching staff, where even certain schools have no practical application of the same provisions and laws, although they are legally unified for all schools. It was concluded that every form of training and education helps teaching staff to better work with children. One of the best examples in understanding the needs of children is the exchange of individual teacher experiences from the same classes. They agreed that every teacher who work on his/her own education and awareness would work better with children in a more successful way.