October 2017


Semir Salihović, a teacher of Islamic religious studies at the Dobrinja Gymnasium and long-term ETOS Initiative cooperator, has started a project called Interreligious Dialogue through Art. The project was initially supported by the Federal Ministry of Science and Education and TPO Foundation which – for the past two years – has been supporting and empowering the work of BH elementary schools and high schools which are part of the World Ethos schools. The project involves high school students of different religious and national groups and it is being implemented by the educational experts at the Dobrinja Gymnasium: teachers of Islamic and Catholic religious studies, religious culture, art, the Bosnian language, the school pedagogue and psychologist. This educational program offers lectures in different segments, enriched with workshops on the topic of art through religions. After completing the first module on "Interreligious dialogue from the Islamic perspective" on October 14, 2017, the participants visited the biggest Sarajevo mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque, where the long-term imam and Sarajevo Mufti's assistant Abdulgafar Velić, PhD, spoke to them in detail about the history and architecture of this mosque. The target group is going to do six additional modules and visit different religious objects.

The project is planned to end with a trip to Bjelašnica, where all the participants are to be awarded with certificates of appreciation.