October 2017

HERZEGOVINA-NERETVA CANTON: "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents"

After the first training for teachers entitled "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents" in Sarajevo, one-day training for teachers of elementary schools was organized in Mostar within the three-year program called CHILDREN ARE OUR MIRROR IMAGE: Prevention of peer and gender-based violence in BiH schools. The training was held on 12th of October 2017 in Mostar, whose moderators were Edna Haznadarević, a co-worker at the Mostar School of Education, Andrea Jevrić, a pedagogue from Ilija Jakovljević Primary School, and Mirza Trbonja, pedagogue from the Fourth Elementary School. The participants of the training were teachers from elementary schools Ilija Jakovljević and Fourth elementary school from Mostar and teachers from elementary school Ilići from Ilići. The goal of one-day training is to strengthen teachers in working with parents and to build quality and successful co-operation between schools and parents. The three-year project "Children is our mirror image" through a series of activities aims at empowering pedagogues and teachers in working with students. It attaches special importance to activities related to strengthening the competences of teachers and pedagogues working with parents, with the aim of building trust and establishing successful and efficient co-operation between parents and teachers.

Educational activities within this project include writing appropriate materials for theoretical as well as practical approaches to the areas of prevention and reduction of violence and psychosocial programs based on providing support to school staff in their adequate approach in solving problems of peer and gender-based violence in and out of school. With support of education system network in BiH, TPO Foundation has incubated and channeled these programs within school institutions of primary education.
One-day training of strengthening the competences of teachers in working with parents in Mostar is also the first among five that are planned to be organized in this canton.  The participants, teachers from elementary schools of this canton, have an opportunity to work with their colleagues from other primary schools and train managers to share their knowledge and improve the skills and methods of working with their parents. The first trainings in Sarajevo and Mostar are two of 15 one-day training sessions "Communication and Individual Cooperation of Teachers and Parents", that will be attended by over 180 teachers from 30 primary schools of Herzegovina-Neretva, Central Bosnia and Sarajevo cantons. After the realization of the trainings, joint activities with the participants of the trainings will be directed to parents in 30 primary schools.