September 2017


The importance of questioning the roles and responsibilities in the community we live in, as well as the importance of civic awareness and activism, were the issues in Primary school "Vareš" in Vareš, at a creative educational workshop called "Activism and Youth" which was organized within the project "Initiative for Creative Dialogue and Education – ICDE". On October 10, 2017, TPO Foundation held another one of many workshops for students of primary and secondary BH schools with an aim of raising awareness, learning and thinking about civic duties and roles that we have in the family, school and society we live in. Participants of the workshop were students of the final grades of this elementary school. Students discussed and offered solutions to the problem of violence after they watched scenes showing several forms of peer and gender-based violence that were played by young actors Ivana Vojinović and Adis Omerović.

Speaking about engaged art, participants learned about art as one of the ways to point out problems in society with the goal of encouraging positive changes. In addition to the publications for teenagers, the students had an opportunity to meet with the character of Nira and learn how to resist passive, inert and unitary society, which by its silence and non-activism allows violent behavior and human rights violations.
Through the stage performance of young actors and the creative exercises, students learned about self-esteem and the importance of knowing their faults and virtues, as well as respect for others and different. We ended up talking about personal development and concluded that we all need to work hard to develop and nurture the core values ​​through quality education and positive activism.