Septembar 2017


Why is it important to talk about civic activism and our responsibilities in family, school and society? How well do we know ourselves, our weaknesses and virtues, and how to develop our personal and professional competencies? On September 19, 2017, these and other issues were discussed with first grade students of the "Railway School Center", secondary school in Sarajevo. The TPO Foundation, within the "ICDE" project, realized another creative, educational workshop "Activism and Youth" and thus began new acquaintances and socializing with young people in new school year. Alongside the young actors who presented various types of violence with their performance, young people had an opportunity to discuss ways of preventing and reducing violence in their community.

The aim of the workshop was encouraging young people to think about themselves, their qualities, abilities and responsibilities for themselves and others and to find adequate ways to prevent and reduce various forms of violence in and out of school. Editions of the "Nira" comic novels as well as the stories of "Nira's challenges" and the set of stories "Everything we do (not) want to know" were distributed to participants of the workshop who talked to the TPO team about heroes of publications written for teenagers under the same project. Young people have also been given the opportunity to share their opinions on the presence of some forms of violence in their community and concluded that it is necessary to study because learning and positive activism are the ways a responsible citizen can respond to violence and help the community overcome the problems it is facing.